This Plate F, Super-Duty Box car is the latest design that meets industry standards for the shipment of auto parts. With a gross rail load of 286,000 pounds, this car features welded, all steel, external post construction. Horizontal side stringers can be applied to the exterior of the car to increase wall stiffness, beneficial for paper-roll loading. The interior is fitted with countersunk lading strap anchors and a nailable steel floor capable of supporting a 70,000-pound forklift (front axle) load.

An important feature is the "zero protrusion" smooth interior walls that help reduce damage to the load. And for maximum visibility, the interior walls are finished with white epoxy. This Super-Duty Box car is outfitted with 15- inch EOC cushioning and a galvanized, welded steel roof that can be trimmed out with our optional skylight package.

Depending on the intended service, door selection includes your choice of single 10-foot plug doors, single 12-foot or double plug doors, combination plug and sliding doors, or single or double sliding doors. Other features of our Super-Duty Box cars include 100-ton trucks and a conventional 10x12 air brake system with body mounted rigging.

With a lightweight of 70,000 pounds, this car provides a capacity of 216,000 pounds and a design that provides excellent durability and fatigue life. A wide variety of other specialty item configurations are also available on our Super-Duty Box cars.

All our railcars meet or exceed AAR requirements.


Super-Duty Box:  50 feet, 6 inches
Super-Duty Box:  60 feet, 9 inches 
Super-Duty Box:  62 feet 


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