Open Top Hopper Rail Car - Greg Aziz

With a standard overall length just shy of 45 feet, this giant 115-ton, open top, tri-hopper car is constructed on a hard-working frame with a through centre sill.

Operating at a gross rail load of 286,000 pounds, this hopper rides the rails on 100-ton trucks with your choice of a "truck mounted" or conventional 10 by 12 braking system.

Inwardly, the car speaks volumes on design and capacity.

The slope angles of the intermediate and end slope sheets, as well as the chutes, are set at 60 degrees.

Three giant hoppers, each with two gravity-styled discharge doors, deliver a total volume of 2,400 cubic feet of aggregate and a load limit topping out at 231,300 pounds.

Each of the hoppers can be opened individually through a manual system or opened at the same time, pneumatically.

And through the use of hot shoes, this car can even be unloaded "hands free."

With a lightweight of 54,700 pounds and a load limit of 231,300 pounds, our open-top aggregate hopper car provides excellent durability and fatigue life.

All our railcars meet or exceed AAR requirements.


Hopper - open top: 2,400 cubic feet
Hopper - open top: 2,400 cubic feet, with access ladder
Hopper - open top: 2,640 cubic feet


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