Intermodal Well Rail Car - Greg Aziz

Want something beyond the ordinary when it comes to shipping just containers? Then look no further than our best-in-class well cars.

The NSC Super Stack is a stand-alone 100-ton, double stack container car with a 48-foot, 2 inch-long well.

This behemoth, 113 ton well car can swallow four fully loaded 20-foot containers or one 40 to 48-foot container in its well, plus a 40- to 53-foot container stacked on top for a staggering load limit of 226,000 pounds.

Units are readily convertible between single and multi-unit configurations by the replacement of couplers and draft gear and drawbars.

Each well is equipped with full draft pockets, self-contained air brakes, operating truck mounted brakes and a handbrake.

Clearance is provided for refrigeration units on 48-foot containers in the well.

The inside width is readily adjustable using the lateral guides that can be locked in either the ISO container or domestic container position.

Wide platforms provide easy access to the container corners for installation of inter-box connectors and for servicing refrigeration units.

Cars are equipped with 100-ton trucks.

It is no surprise that the much-envied NSC Super Stack is the result of Steel Car innovation, making it the first and only contender in its class with the highest load-carrying capacity in the industry.

The NSC Super Stack exceeds AAR structural requirements and is designed to provide excellent durability and fatigue life.

All our railcars meet or exceed AAR requirements.


Intermodal - well: The NSC "SUPER STACK"
Intermodal - well: 48 feet, Single or Multiple Units, All Purpose, COFC & TOFC
Intermodal - well: 53 feet, Single or Multiple Units, Double Stack, COFC
Intermodal - well: 53 feet, Single or Multiple Units, All Purpose, COFC & TOFC
Intermodal - well: 40 feet, Five-unit, Articulated, COFC


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