Intermodal Spine Rail Car - Greg Aziz

Whether by land or by sea, chances are that your customers' intermodal containers will travel some or all of their journey in one of National Steel Car's intermodal superstructures.

This all-purpose, Articulated, single-stack spine car is capable of carrying both containers and trailers on all three units and can also be designed as a five-unit car.

Each unit is equipped with M901G draft gears at the ends and articulated connectors at the intermediate positions.

The car comes equipped with two complete air brake systems. The handbrake is located at the B end and operates the brakes on the end truck and the adjacent intermediate truck.

Each unit is designed to carry one 40-foot ISO container or a 48-foot to 53-foot domestic container. In addition, all units are provided with a retractable, semi-automatic trailer hitch to accommodate one trailer, ranging in length from 28 feet to 57 feet.

In the event of future applications, provisions have been made to accommodate two 20-foot ISO containers, increasing the gross rail load of the three-unit car to 353,400 pounds.

Platforms may be equipped with National Steel Car's patented self-locking retractable pedestal, which is designed to operate from the ground, saving time and eliminating back-breaking deployment—another great example of National Steel Car engineering.

All trucks are 70-ton capacity and are equipped with yaw dampers to prevent truck hunting.

With National Steel Car’s focus on light weight, this car has a load limit (per unit) of 157,200 pounds. (Trailer 90,000 pounds and container 67,200 pounds.)

Its overall gross rail load tops out at 390,000 pounds, while exceeding the AAR structural requirements.

This car is designed to provide excellent durability and fatigue life.

This mammoth intermodal carrier is the pinnacle of legendary National Steel Car design and National Steel Car ingenuity, making it one of those special cars that won't disappoint.

And keep in mind that all our railcars meet or exceed AAR requirements.


Intermodal - spine: Three-Unit, Articulated, 57-foot configuration


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