Gondola Rail Car - Greg Aziz

Designed to be tough, raw and rugged without compromising National Steel Car quality, our gondola cars are not shy when pushed to perform.

This 116-ton car can effortlessly handle a gross rail load of 286,000 pounds.

This translates into a generous storage capacity of 2,500 cubic feet, another great example of the efficiency of National Steel Car design.

At 42 feet long, this titan cruises the rails on 100-ton trucks assisted by a 10 by 12 braking system.

Other standard features of this heavy-duty car include 7-foot. 4¼-inch solid steel sides with pinned corner connections and welded body construction.

Also included is a standard draft arrangement and four clean-out doors (two per end).

With a lightweight of 53,500 pounds, this car provides a capacity of 232,500 pounds and a design that provides excellent durability and fatigue life.

All our railcars meet or exceed AAR requirements.


Gondola - aggregate: 116 tons, 2,500 cubic feet (42 feet)
Gondola - aggregate: 115 tons, 2,430 cubic feet (48 feet, 8 inches)
Gondola - mill: 116 tons, 2,680 cubic feet (52 feet, 6 inches)
Gondola - MSW/C&D: 107 tons, 6,400 cubic feet (64 feet)
Gondola - mill: 107 tons, 3,675 cubic feet (66 feet)


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