Coil Gondola Rail Car - Greg Aziz

If it's steel coils you need to move, take a hard look at our 110-ton, no-nonsense coil cars.

Our workhorses are capable of hauling steel coils ranging from 30 inches to 84 inches in diameter.

And as you might expect, with a gross rail load of 286,000 pounds, it takes 100-ton trucks and a 10 by 12 braking system to guide this "heavy hauler" down the rails.

Loading is kept simple and capacity optimized with this longitudinal trough design.

And thanks to the ingenuity of National Steel Car design and the attention to weight reduction, our cars feature a load limit topping out at 221,000 pounds, which can be carried over 18 feet at the centre of the car, if desired.

Other great standard features include 15-inch end-of-car cushioning, with polymer interior bulkhead linings, as well as a durable hardwood lining for the troughs.

Also available is a one-piece, steel cover, for additional protection of your product.

With a lightweight of 65,000 lbs, this car provides a capacity of 221,000 lbs and a design that provides excellent durability and fatigue life.

And keep in mind that all our railcars meet or exceed AAR requirements.


Coil (Gondola): trough @ 42 feet, 286 GRL
Coil (Gondola): trough @ 48 feet, 286 GRL
Coil (Gondola): transverse trough @ 48 feet, 286 GRL


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