30,500G Tank Car - Greg Aziz

National Steel Car’s 30,500 Gallon General Purpose (Non-Pressure) Tank Car is designed for 286,000 pound gross rail load service. This DOT-117 compliant tank car is ECP compatible and has full-head shields, a 75-psi pressure relief valve with a protective top fitting along with bottom outlet valve protection and improved valve handle.  It has half inch (1/2”) thermal protection and an eleven (11) gauge jacket providing a weather tight feature to the tank.

The tank stub sill is designed for high mileage service meeting the three (3) million mile requirement. NSC tank car designs meet all DOT, FRA, RSD and AAR standards. A variety of valve configurations can be applied to suit specific loading and unloading needs. Alternate designs are also available for non-hazardous materials. NSC is certified to ISO 9001:2015, AAR M-1003 and M-1002.


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