Dear Modelers: In February 2015, we sat down with representatives of Canpotex in Saskatoon. We explained to them the NMRA Show and Convention for 2015 would be held in Portland Oregon this August. We pointed out Canpotex had just opened a new multi-million dollar facility to unload Canpotex railcars at Terminal 5 in Portland.

In light of Canpotex’ involvement in community relations, we then asked for permission to add graphics to promote the Portland NMRA Show on one of Canpotex' existing 4275 cu.ft. NSC Potash Hoppers – the same cars we are soon to release.

Canpotex offered instead, to use a brand new car that was to be built by National Steel Car this summer. To assist, we at PWRS / NARC offered to pay for the graphics and lettering (almost $2,000), for both sides of the car.So about 4 weeks ago a new car was built at NSC in Hamilton, Ontario. It is currently on route to Portland for the weekend of the show. Below you will see images taken for us by NSC of the special railcar.

We are now taking reservations for the car. It will be available in both HO and N Scale this winter.

We at PWRS / NARC would like to thank the convention hosts in Portland, Canpotex, and National Steel Car for allowing this special promotional project to be produced. It is projects like this that help promote the hobby to the public at large. Besides as wise man once pointed out, "If art can imitate life… then life should imitate art".

PS: the new reporting marks CNPX does not mean the car is owned by CN or CP (as one customer thought), they are new reporting marks Canpotex is using for new car builds.

We should also point out a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the cars is being donated to the NMRA Convention.

Canpotex CNPX 150042 with the special NMRA Portland Daylight Express decal

for the 2015 Portland NMRA Convention 

National Steel Car Potash Service 4300 cu. ft. 3 Bay Covered Hopper





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Canpotex is the off­shore marketing company for potash produced in Saskatchewan by PotashCorp, Mosaic and Agrium. Canpotex is equally owned by all three producers, each of which contributes product according to established capacities. Canpotex provides marketing expertise and distribution infrastructure to serve off­shore markets from its offi‑ces in Saskatoon, Vancouver, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

This car would be an outstanding addition to the NARCorp NSC Potash Service 3-Bay Hopper sets –Canpotex Potash Corp. (CPTX) (CGLX) (CITX) (PTEX) – due to arrive later this year.

Reservations Due By: September 30, 2015

Expected January 2016


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